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We are all made of energy, and energy doesn’t die. We leave our physical bodies, and this physical world, but we continue on in our Soul form. The Souls of those who have crossed over are much closer than you think. They are no longer physically here, but their Spirit is still around you providing guidance, knowledge, and leaving little signs for you all the time. Mediums serve as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual one; we have the ability to communicate with Spirit and relay their messages to those here on Earth.

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Alyssa Marie with eyes closed
“Alyssa is hands-down the strongest connecting medium I have ever been to. I am so grateful she shares her gift and allows us to connect with Spirit. Her reading was honestly a life-changing moment.”
— Shayla M.O.
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As a medium, it's my greatest honor to share this gift with you – and to bring love, light, peace, and healing to those looking to connect with their loved ones in Spirit.

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My Story

My communication with Spirit started early in my childhood. For as long as I can remember, I've been able to see relatives who had passed away. To me, they were very much still alive and visited frequently. At such a young age, I didn’t know this wasn’t the norm for everyone!

It was normal for me to see Spirit and know things outside of my own experience. As I grew up, I began to realize that I somehow knew more about people that I'd just met than I really should. I would be aware of likes, dislikes and personality traits, and know the outcomes of their stories. I also discovered I knew things before they happened, or before they were told to me. I understood that if I needed help, my relatives who had passed on were there to provide guidance and comfort.

Although I didn't understand it at the time, I now believe that Spirit was giving me the information I needed to help others and myself navigate certain situations. Before I was aware of my gifts, I was drawn to assist people through rough times, especially the passing of loved ones. Looking back, I realize that Spirit was guiding me to them and that the things I was feeling, hearing, seeing and knowing were actually messages from Spirit.

My gifts remained mostly dormant until my first year of college, when I lost my best friend. After he passed, communication from Spirit started becoming stronger and more frequent. Up until then, I had only seen or heard from Spirits within my own family, so this was quite a shock. A chance encounter with someone familiar with mediumship opened my eyes to what was going on. I truly believe that my friend who had passed led me to the experiences that I needed to realize that I am a Medium. It was like one last piece of advice from him that I’ll always be grateful for. 

Outside of mediumship, I’m like any other woman in her twenties: I’m a mom, girlfriend, sister, daughter and friend. I have a career in nursing. My favorite thing is spending time with my family. After years on this journey of self-discovery and developing my mediumship abilities, I truly believe that my purpose is to help Spirit connect to their loved ones here in the physical world.

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Alyssa Marie with feather and sage smudge
“Alyssa’s reading was more than I could have asked for. She knew details about my family that she could not possibly have known. Alyssa is honest, open and an incredible medium.”
— B.V.
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Evidential Mediumship

Evidential mediumship is important to me because I want you to experience the comfort and healing of knowing your loved one is the source of the messages that come forth during our reading.
Evidential mediumship is best defined as specific information from a Spirit that allows you to know a medium is actually communicating with your loved one. Evidence can include any details that a medium would have no other way of knowing without direct contact with the Spirit. It may include details about the Spirit's appearance, personality, name and age, information about their life and passing, and important dates and life events. Evidence may also include information about your life – and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do what you do?

Mediums have the ability to raise their vibrational energy to receive communication from Spirit.

We use what we call our "clair" senses to communicate. You can think of these as the usual five physical senses, but on a different energetic plane, plus a sixth sense of “knowing.” In my case, I can receive messages through seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience), or knowing (claircognizance). Sometimes, smell (clairalience) and taste (clairgustance) show up, too!

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Are readings done over the phone as effective as those done in person?

When I began doing phone readings, I had the same question. Surprisingly, I've found that there's no difference between readings done over the phone or video chat and those done in person. In fact, a few of the strongest sessions I’ve ever held took place over the phone.

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Are your readings confidential?

Readings are considered confidential. I never share the details of a reading with anyone. For group readings, I ask that all participants respect the confidentiality of our joint session.

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How long is a typical reading session?

Sessions are scheduled for an hour. Depending upon how Spirit chooses to communicate, some sessions may run shorter or longer.

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“Through Alyssa, my loved ones were able to shed light on things I needed to hear. The reassurance that they are still in my life put me at great ease. Alyssa’s abilities are real; I will be a constant advocate and a forever client.”
Katelyn R.
“Alyssa is a truly gifted medium. I have experienced many readings in my life and Alyssa’s was by far one of the most validating and evidential I have ever received.”
“The reading blew me away. Alyssa is so genuine and authentically herself, which made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I really cannot put into words how emotional it was to know that I was being connected with my father. It was priceless.”
Meghan H.

In Their Words

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Private Readings

I take the greatest care in providing readings for my clients, conducting each session with the utmost attention and compassion.

I'm available for private readings over the phone or in person. In-person readings are conducted in the Philadelphia area and phone readings can be recorded, if desired. All readings are scheduled for one person, with a fee for additional attendees. Group readings are also available.

Sessions are scheduled for an hour. Depending upon how Spirit chooses to communicate, some sessions may run shorter or longer. I always let Spirit be the guide.

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Alyssa Marie sitting in front of stone wall
“Alyssa is a truly gifted medium. I have experienced many readings in my life and Alyssa’s was by far one of the most validating and evidential I have ever received.”
— S.C.
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