Katelyn R.

“It’s hard to find the right words to explain how much my reading with Alyssa meant to me. Alyssa touched on things she had no previous knowledge about. People she had never met before came through her to express themselves to me. Through Alyssa, my loved ones were able to shed light on things I needed to hear, as well as things I didn’t know I needed to hear. The reassurance that they are still in my life put me at great ease.

Alyssa’s abilities are real; I will be a constant advocate and a forever client. Before our session had even concluded, I was looking forward to our next one. She truly does work wonders.”

Jess P.

“The joy and elation from our session has left a lasting impression. I went into this experience wanting to reach out to my grandfather. Alyssa doesn’t know this, but a few days before our session, I had prayed to him and told him that I would know it was really him if he used a specific phrase. Only my mom and grandmother knew this phrase, so there was absolutely no way that Alyssa could have known it. But she did; she said it.

There were other key details that she couldn’t have known – how my grandfather passed, his personality, and so much of what he was. A weight was lifted when I heard that he was happy and still keeping an eye on us.

Let me reassure you that Alyssa is the real deal. Throughout our session, Alyssa answered my questions and made me feel comfortable; she was a true professional in every sense of the word. I felt safe and secure the entire time. This was a magical experience that I am eternally grateful for. To know that my grandfather is at peace and happy means more to me than words can express.”

Shayla M.O.

“Alyssa is an amazingly gifted medium. I was absolutely blown away by her ability to connect and bring forth my loved one’s life story. She brought through his personality and shockingly strong validations that she could not have known about. The messages she delivered brought me to tears. For years, I felt there were loose ends and words unsaid surrounding my loved one’s death. This reading healed and confirmed so much of what our family needed to hear and understand in order to move forward and be at peace.

Alyssa is hands-down the strongest connecting medium I have ever been to. I am so grateful she shares her gift and allows us to connect with Spirit. Her reading was honestly a life-changing moment. Thinking about it still gives me full-body chills!”


“Alyssa is a truly gifted medium. I have experienced many readings in my life and Alyssa’s was by far one of the most validating and evidential I have ever received. The messages were very specific. For anyone looking for an authentic and healing experience with the other side, I would highly recommend a reading with Alyssa.”

Meghan H.

“Alyssa connected with my dad and it was amazing! She knew things about him – his personality and personal family matters – there is no way she could've known. The reading blew me away.  Some of the messages I received from my dad during my reading were answers to questions I had been asking in my head that same day. Alyssa is so genuine and authentically herself, which made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

I really cannot put into words how emotional it was to know that I was being connected with my father. There is no value I can place on it because, for me, it was priceless.”


“I’ve always loved psychics and mediums. I would be the first in line for any chance to connect with loved ones again, or to have better insight into my life. But I’ve been let down and misled time and again. However, Alyssa’s reading was more than I could have asked for. She knew details about my family that she could not possibly have known. She was also able to pick up on my current plans for a career change, inner struggles and secrets in my relationship.

I walked away from the reading feeling connected again to my grandparents. I was able to forgive a deceased loved one asking for forgiveness. And I was reminded to trust myself.

Alyssa is honest, open and an incredible medium. I highly recommend taking a chance that will leave you speechless."

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